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I’m a trauma expert, research psychologist, writer and spiritual-warrior. I’m dedicated to delivering you the knowledge and tools needed to help you recognise and overcome self-defeating cycles, so you can achieve personal freedom and success.

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break old cycles that undermine you

This website (and my life’s work) is dedicated to giving you practical tips and tools to help you take back your life and reclaim your future. I’ll gently, kindly and lovingly, share my knowledge to help you do your work. It’s time.

what is trauma?

Trauma is not what you think. It’s not just Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It’s anxiety, shame, low self-esteem, over-eating, under-eating, addiction, depression and more.

The repetitive problems and issues in your life are part of your trauma. They’re part of your reaction to something that happened before, something that frightened you. If you can open up to this idea, I believe you can find true freedom. 

access, embrace and own your strength


We all carry trauma, but are afraid of the word. We’re afraid that, if we admit it applies to us, we’re imperfect, broken or damaged. But denying trauma causes so much unnecessary pain.

My traumas were the springboard for my greatest transformation, and yours can be too. Call it trauma, give it the death stare, and you will grow stronger than you could ever have imagined possible. You will embody resilience and growth. You will overcome and you will thrive.

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be free of your past and live a joyful, powerful and connected life.

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